Kick-Off Meeting

On April 16, 2021, the partners of the EU-funded Erasmus+ project “Mobile learning system for reinforcing skills retention”, MobiLEx for short, from Germany, Poland, Italy and Greece came together for a virtual kick-off meeting.

Not least due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the topic is more relevanz than ever. Particularly in the education sector, the issue in recent months has been to act quickly to convert face-to-face teaching to digital or hybrid models. Skills gaps in the use of digital tools and formats had to be addressed as quickly as possible, and the knowledge of teachers had to be expanded. Despite the lack of infrastructure and knowledge, a lot of experience has now been gained and digital tools are being used more and more. However, there is still a need for more digital tools that help to make teaching more interactive on the one hand and to consolidate what has already been learned on the other.


This is where the “MobiLEx” project comes in: It stands for a mobile learning platform that is intended to give learners the opportunity to consolidate what they have learned on the move, no matter when and where. Teachers can use a suitable editor to adapt the content to their lessons and thus control the learning process.

At the kick-off meeting, all project partners were able to discuss the concept of the tool and the current needs of teachers and learners. The first months of the project will focus on conducting field research with VET teachers and investigating their expectations of such a digital tool. With the knowledge gained, the application “MobiLEx” and its editor will be developed and tested. The app and the editor will be available in English, German, Polish, Italian and Greek at the end of the project.

With the virtual kick-off meeting, the first activities were successfully initiated and all participants are looking forward to the joint project.

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