About the Project

Knowledge Retention // Building digital education readiness of VET educators while closing the gap of not being able to support learners in knowledge application efforts.


Digital learning has come to the fore due to the Covid-19 pandemic in all European countries, as VET educators were forced to quickly start delivering courses online. Most of them did not have any experience with such a way of teaching not to mention using online tools for designing learning implementation and retention tasks hence supporting learners working remotely in knowledge implementation.

Partners observed similar problems with their educators, who expressed lack of mobile learning implementation tools that could be easily added to the system they currently use for online education and the content they teach. Such a system would fill the gap & make learning more attractive, engaging, and interactive, thus increasing learners’ motivation to implement the knowledge in their workplace. Another pressing issue and challenge that became obvious was to reduce the gap between digital competencies and experiences of VET educators and learners. VET educators are mostly “PC generation” while learners are mostly “mobile generation” and new educational methods should help educators to adjust their way of teaching to new generation expectations



The overall Project goal was to build digital education readiness of VET educators at the same time closing the gap of not being able to support learners in knowledge application efforts.

In particular, the project aimed at:

  • equipping VET educators with learning implementation process and digital tools to design Mobile Learning Experience Modules that could amend any type of learning event leading to new skills and knowledge implementation in the workplace.
  • expanding VET educators’ digital competencies by involving them in MobiLEx development.
  • raising awareness of VET educators that supporting learners in learning implementation can boost up their engagement & motivation to learn.

The expected Outputs that were developed throughout the implementation of the project are the following:

O1 – MobiLEx Learning Implementation System

Development of an Editor for PC (for educators) and an App for mobiles (for learners) through which an innovative learning delivery process – that allows learners to complete their learning tasks at any time and place – was created. At the same time, educators will be able to adopt a learning approach that will stimulate students’ engagement and motivation to learn.

O2 – Mobile Learning Experience Modules

Design and creation of 4 MobiLEx learning modules on the following topics:

1)Sustainability Manager;

2)Periodic effectiveness appraisal;

3)Skills-oriented teambuilding;

4) How to motivate people who are working remotely.

They constitute only a first example of learning contents to be kept as a reference for future modules that can be uploaded on the App. Such modules also work offline, thus allowing learners to follow them according to their availability and willingness.



MobiLEx aimed at addressing a specific target group which is formed by VET educators and organizations and learners, both inside and outside partners’ countries. At the same time, the project addressed managers, team leaders, coaches, and mentors within VET sector. Other relevant stakeholders are be reached by the project’s activities, such as organization responsible for policies and development on the VET system at local, regional, national, and European level.

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